What is the Number One Thing a New Online Marketer Needs?

With cutback in employment and increases in technology the world of online network marketing is growing extremely rapidly. Statistics show one out of every eight households has a home-based business of some sort and many of those businesses are of the network marketing type. And why not? You can find a network marketing company for everything under the sun from jewelry, skin care, make-up, sheets and bedding, cookware, candles, spices, and even bar-b-que sauce. You can get paid to sell something you love and you can do it from home. It’s no wonder so many are jumping on the band wagon.

However, statistics also show 97% of network marketers fail. That’s right, FAIL – they QUIT! After weeks and months of investing cash (that they really don’t have) and time (which they feel they have now wasted), they decide network marketing isn’t for them and they get out clickfunnels $19 a month.

The issue wasn’t their commitment or determination, no, and it wasn’t the company they joined. The bottom line is that they were not properly trained and/or if they were trained on WHAT to do, they weren’t trained on HOW to do it. And after weeks of struggling, they give up. Sound familiar? How many people do you know that were at one point or another in a network marketing company, or are still in one and struggling?

And now with the internet, it is even more challenging because not only are you supposed to market offline and use the “language” and call people and constantly hunt for leads, but in addition you are supposed to market online. And if you have dabbled in this area at all you know this is a whole new world. New skills, new language, new activities and more money to spend. In fact, while there are not statistics out there to prove it right now, my guess is people attempting to do online network marketing are dropping like flies – probably at a much higher rate than those attempting to network market the “old fashion way”.

Why? Why might online marketers (which is supposed to be THE answer) struggle even more than offline marketers? Simple – it’s a much BIGGER learning curve. If you plan to be successful in online marketing you need to master the language and implement the skills. You need to know, understand, and use effectively: Blogs, Lead Capture Pages, Pay Per Click (PPC), Web Copy Writing, Social Media, and on and on. Each one of these concepts can take days, weeks even months to learn and even longer to implement effectively. Not to mention there is all the affiliate stuff that goes with it. In the online world this is called building a Lead Sales Funnel, or an online Marketing Sales Funnel. So you can see why someone might quit before they are successful. Success in the online world takes work! A lot of time, a lot of energy, and even some financial resources. And it’s scary, it means breaking out of one’s comfort zone and not just learning but DOING and putting one’s self out there to make mistakes and that is not comfortable to most.

One of the best things someone can do who is new(er) to network marketing and who really wants to learn the ropes and be successful is get a mentor or a coach. A mentor or coach doesn’t have to belong to the same network marketing company, they just have to be someone experienced in online marketing. Someone who knows what they are doing and can guide others. Now the big names out there – the gurus – charge an arm and a leg for just one hour of their time, but there are many other very experienced coaches who can help beginning online network marketers at a reasonable fee.

In addition there is training available online. A lot of training, for example, there are 50-60 online trainings available for PPC alone. Doing a little research you can find an online training in every aspect of building an online sales marketing funnel – shop around.

However, one of the BEST trainings is actually a live event for online network marketing called the Basic Training Intensive. It is intense and only for the most serious network marketers who want to succeed in the online arena. It is an rigorous 4 day – 3 night program where a new(er) network marketer can get their entire Lead Sales Funnel up and running. You may wonder, if it takes people weeks or even months to learn one aspect of marketing online and even longer to implement it, then how can it be learned and implemented in one weekend?

Great question – but that is Exactly what the Basic Training Intensive does. Every minute of the day is packed with experts taking you by the hand step-by-step to set up your entire lead sales funnel. It’s not easy and not for someone not willing to give 110-percent. There is “home work” to do each night,and there are mandatory pre-training seminars. But if someone is determined to move forward in the online network marketing world and they don’t want to do it at a snails pace over months and months, then the Basic Training Intensive is definitely a MUST!

But it is also EXCLUSIVE! The training is held only a couple of times each year, but class size is Maxed out at 30 participant, as each person receives one-on-one attention and step-by-step instruction. It is absolutely THE best way to learn and implement quickly.

It is also reasonably priced, especially if you compare the value to what you get. Each course someone might take for each aspect of building a sales funnel typically costs between $200 and $1000, if multiply that by all the courses one would need; Blogging, Lead Capture Pages, PPC, Web Copy Writing, Branding, Social Media, Twitter, Facebook, Auto-responders and more, it would easily cost at a minimum $2000 but in reality it would cost closer to $8000, not to mention all the time it would take to learn the information and then implement it, how much is your time worth? But the BASIC TRAINING INTENSIVE doesn’t cost anywhere near $8000, it doesn’t even cost what a few hours of coaching from a GURU would cost. And yet it INCLUDES accommodations and meals – what training do you know of these days that includes your hotel and meals? None I have ever heard of before. But it is all part of the internet Basic Training Intensive.

Not to mention the fast-action bonuses offered. The hosts of the program appreciate people willing to act fast and make a commitment to their business success. So they have a VIP list (that you can get on today), and ONLY those on the VIP list get a chance at fast-action bonuses, such as laptops, flipcams, online banners and ipods. Tools that successful online marketers need.

So yes, Network Marketing is on the rise today, and successful network marketers use offline and online techniques to grow their business. But many don’t realize the learning curve for successful online network marketing. Smart network marketers get a coach and even smarter more determined network marketers take advantage of the Basic Training Intensive.

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